Monday, June 2, 2014


Parkinson Fam,

Elder Garrard left on Tuesday and Elder Årsnes arrived not to long after that! Elder Årsnes is from Romerike, an area not too far from Oslo. His English is actually better than his Norwegian, so I have to make him speak Norwegian with me. A new sister also arrived named Sister Chapman. She is from Las Vegas. 

The weather is getting really nice finally. We might be wearing short sleeves pretty soon! 

Ole came to church half an hour early this week and just read the Book of Mormon! He's already made it through Isaiah! 

I honestly can't think of much to write this week. I studied this morning a lot about patience, something I've always struggled with. I thought it was interesting to read about the Sons of Mosiah and the trials and tribulations they experienced BEFORE their great success. I often get impatient with the speed at which things are happening here in Norway, but it's important to remember that after you do all that you can you just need to leave it in the Lord's hands. 

Erik- Keep shredding in the MTC!
Hannah- Keep shredding in Sacramento!

Love always,
Eldste Parkinson