Monday, June 23, 2014

Midnight Sun

Parkinson Fam,
It feels like I just barely wrote. Dad, I'm glad you got yourself some livestock! 

We have had a lot of cool experiences this week in Tromsø. We've taught a lot of lessons and found a lot of investigators. We keep finding people from Eritrea. It brings me back to the MTC days where you can't really communicate and have to rely on whiteboards and gospel art books. 

We have a big branch party tonight. Today is a holiday where everybody makes big bonfires and stays up all night for the midnight sun. In Tromsø, we've had the midnight sun for over a month, but we got permission from President to stay up and see it tonight. Although we have a 6 am flight tomorrow to Trondheim. No sleep for the weary. 

I've been learning a lot lately about the importance of bearing testimony. We had a lot of really good teaches this week where the spirit was very strong. Every time it could be attributed to the fact that we shared our testimonies frequently. 

Still have cruise ships dropping in every day. We actually had some tourists in Church on Sunday which was cool. I've loved reading President Holland's talk from a while back called the "The First Great Commandment." So good, go read it if you haven't yet. 

Have a great week!
Eldste Parkinson