Monday, June 9, 2014

alt er grønn

What's up fam!

It's been a stellar week in Tromsø! Another 30+ sacrament meeting! All the snow is starting to melt off the mountains and everything is getting so green. And Tourists are starting to take over the city. Every day a couple cruise ships show up and drop off a bunch of tourists. We might need to start contacting in English. 

Ole continues to be stud and we found out that Andre is moving to Svalbard much sooner than we thought, which was kind of a bummer. 

We had a cool experience yesterday. For some reason that Eldste Årsnes and I are not sure of, we brought a Polish Book of Mormon with us yesterday. We missed a bus after church and had about half an hour to contact before the next bus. The first guy we talked to happened to be from Poland and spoke limited Norwegian. When we showed him the Book of Mormon in Polish his eyes popped out of his head. We gave him the book and got his phone number for a future meet! 

It seemed like everyone we talked to on the street this week that wasn't a tourist was a hard core atheist. A lot of them were very willing to talk with us and often tried to turn it into a debate. They all have the same issue; they need evidence. It was interesting reading in the end of the book of Helaman about Samuel the Lamanite. There seemed to be three classification of people after he taught them: 1. Those that believed what he said 2. Those that didn't believe until there was some sort of sign or evidence 3. Those that continue to rationalize and deny even after receiving evidence. I feel like this pattern can be seen through out the scriptures.Just something I've been thinking about this week.

Love you all! 

Eldste Parkinson

Throwback with Elder Garrard and John!