Monday, May 26, 2014

Staying in Tromsø!


Well, moves call was on Sunday (it ended up being a really short transfer period). And.................I'm staying in Tromsø! However, Elder Garrard will be moving down to Stavanger. My new companion arrives on Tuesday and is named Elder Årsnes! He is Norwegian! This next transfer period is extra long to compensate for the last one (8 weeks?). 

Ole is progressing really well and was in church this week. We had over 30 in church again this week, which was great! Our other progressor, Andre, told us this week that his family is moving to Svalbard in August! The funny thing is that he will still be in our branch and we already have a member family up there!

The 17th of May was awesome! There were parades all day and Norwegian flags everywhere. I'll attach pics!

The language class is going great. 4 more Hungarians started coming, and they speak zero Norwegian and hardly any English. But, it's been fun to work with them and listen to them speak the language Erik will be learning. They actually own a Hungarian bakery in town! Mom, I enjoyed your letter about the global growth of the church. It's crazy how many different languages the Book of Mormon is published in. We actually ordered a bunch in this week, many languages I had never heard of before my mission. However, there is one language that the Book of Mormon doesn't exist in: Tigrigna. That is the language spoken in Eritrea. There are TONS of Eritreans here who he have met and tried to teach, but it is impossible to communicate! Dad, I think you ought to take the fam to Eritrea and find us a translator. 

The mission has a lot of momentum right now! It is crazy that Erik is in the MTC! Do work!

Elder Parkinson

This is Arvid, the man we bring groceries to every week. He came to church for the first time in forever! Loves telling us stories about world war 2 and Jehovah's witnesses. Love the man!