Saturday, May 17, 2014

Syttende Mai!

Well, it seems like i just wrote, but a lot has happened in the short amount of time! I need to tell you about a guy named Ole. We met Ole my very first day in Tromsø and he gave us his address, but we were unable to find his house when we looked for it. A couple weeks ago we saw him on the street again and got an appointment with him. We dropped of a Book of Mormon and then we met with him for the second time on Wednesday. He was super positive and really understood what it would mean if he found out for himself if the Book of Mormon was true. He accepted a baptismal date! He's from Denmark and works as a DJ. 

We met with Andre again this week and he is now progressing. He is a big family man and really admires the values/morals of the church. We hope to start teaching his whole family soon!

We get the whole day off today to just enjoy Norway! They have parades all day and a bunch of other cool stuff. Don't have much to write, but I will send a bunch of pictures later!

Elder Parkinson