Monday, May 5, 2014


The weeks keep getting better! The sun has started waking me up at about 2 in the morning. From May 17 through most of July the sun will be up non stop!

Our language class began on Tuesday. We had about 3 people show up. On our second day of the class, Thursday, we had more like 8! The people in the class come from all over. One is from Hungrary, which made me think of Erik! We happened to have a Hungarian Book of Mormon and gave it to her. There is this 17 year old Norwegian guy that we befriended on the street who comes to our classes and helps out! He is a funny dude. 

We had a huge miracle this week that came through a church media referral. We met this guy named Andre who requested a Mormons Bok through the website. We met him on Friday and he was super positive! He had just been in Salt Lake and visited Temple Square and thought it was really cool! We taught him the first lesson and he was super excited to read from the Book of Mormon! He's a middle aged business man with a family too! 

We taught quite a few other lessons this week and have developed a pretty good teaching pool! Now we just need to get people to start progressing. We've used the Book of Mormon a lot this week in our studies and in our contacting. A testimony of the Book of Mormon is probably the single most important thing for an investigator. It is evidence of Jesus Christ as our savior, Joseph Smith Smith as a prophet, and the truthfulness of this Church. I love the last two paragraphs of the introduction to the Book of Mormon that explain simply how to gain a testimony and what that testimony means. 

Happy Mothers day on Sunday, Mom! Love You! Looking forward to the skype!

Fred og velsignelser!

Eldste Parkinson