Monday, April 28, 2014


Moves call was on Sunday and I'm staying in Tromsø with Elder Garrard! Four new missionaries arrived this transfer and supposedly two are native Norwegians. The sisters didn't move either. 

It was a pretty normal week until Thursday when everyone came up to Tromsø for zone leader training. Elder Skinner and Elder Clarke, the two ZL's, stayed the night in Tromsø and went on splits with us. Thursday night I went banking with Elder Skinner in that Hamna neighborhood we go to a lot. We didn't have much success so we left early and tried another neighborhood. At about 8;30, right before we were going to call it a night, we met this young guy named Sigbjørn. He let us inside and we taught him the whole first lesson. Probably the most positive person I've ever taught! He accepted all of our commitments and invited us back. This success continued on Saturday when I was out banking with elder Garrard. In one evening we taught two lessons and got two new investigators. There are people here to teach, and the spirit can lead us to them if we are willing to put in the work. 

Friday we threw a branch party! 23 people came which was awesome. One member brought dance dance revolution and then Elder Garrard and I put together a ping pong table using a net we found in the library and several tables. It was a hit!

We've been working a lot with some of the less active members in the branch as well. One of them, named John, is a recent convert from the Congo. He's about 21 and loves basketball! We've taken him on home teaching splits and we are trying to prepare him for the Melchizedek Priesthood and maybe even a full time mission. 

There is still plenty of snow on the ground, but it's definitely warming up. That's crazy that Erik only has a couple weeks! Time is flying! 

Eldste Parkinson