Monday, April 7, 2014

Vi har en bil!


The weeks are starting to fly by! I know lot of good things happened this week, but it's kind of hard for me to remember what. It's all a blur. It's been snowing every day, so that hasn't changed. It's weird how it was short-sleeve weather when I left Provo. 

We did a lot of banking this week in family neighborhoods. One of these days there was an old lady out shoveling her driveway and we stopped to ask if we could help. She said no (I've learned that Norwegians really like shoveling their snow). Anyways, she ended up letting us come in and share the first lesson with her. She was super nice, fed us chocolate while we taught, and willing to let us come back! It was a testimony to me that we are blessed when we reach out to serve others.

On Sunday, the AP's arrived in Tromsø with a car for the senior couple. Because my companion doesn't have his license yet, I got to drive it yesterday and today while we wait for the senior couple to arrive. Only problem is that the car didn't have its snow tires on. We quickly learned how important snow tires are in Norway. Last night it took us an hour to drive the short distance back to our apartment. We kept getting stuck going up hills and literally had zero traction the whole way. We had the same problem this morning. Luckily we recently made a friend who owns a car shop who replaced our tires for free this morning. Looking back we are definitely lucky nothing bad happened haha. 

General Konferanse was amazing! The Norwegian wan't working so we watched it all in English, which was a bit of a relief. I still haven't seen the last session so no spoilers please haha. Elder Holland's talk was probably my favorite. My favorite line was where he talked about man creating God in their own image. That's totally the case here in Norway. So many people say they are perfectly satisfied with the state church, yet I'm quite sure most of them haven't ever been. It's frustrating, but you have to respect people's agency. I'm confident that the rejection we experience as missionaries is all worth it for those few that will be willing to accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Thanks for the letters and support! Kirken er Sann. Boken er blå!
Med kjærlighet,
Eldste Parkinson