Monday, April 21, 2014


Parkinson Fam,

In Norway Easter is quite the holiday. Everybody takes the whole week off and everything pretty much shuts down. It was difficult for us to find appointments this week and even more difficult to find people home when we were banking. Those we did talk to, though, tended to be more open than normal (perks of a christian holiday). 

On Wednesday afternoon we flew out to Alta for splits. The two elders up there live with a member in a farm house right outside of town. We got to spend the night and part of the next day with them. It's crazy to think that I was the northern most missionary in the world while I was up there!

Friday Night we had a cool lesson with a new investigator and his friend. They are both in their 20's and strong atheists. One has a family. We taught them the plan of salvation, but about half way through it kind of just turned into a question and answer session. They both thought it was interesting, but they were not willing to pray about what we taught, they were determined to figure out through their own methods. We invited them to read Alma 32, which is a chapter I've been studying a lot lately. Often what we share with our investigators is that small, little seed and we just have to have faith and pray that they will recognize the seed swelling and enlarging with in them. That chapter really describes the process all of us go through to obtain spiritual truth and understanding. 

We had quite the Easter Sunday. The two investigators that we had committed to sacrament meeting both bailed out last second, but a bunch of surprise people randomly showed up. One member from the Philipines showed up with her non-member boyfriend that lives here in Tromsø. We are hoping that we will be able to teach him. I translated Sister Crabtree's talk, which was quite frightening and a first experience for me. I've also been using my piano skills up here...we sing "nearer my God to thee" almost every sacrament meeting haha. 

The snow is continuing to melt! I love you all!

Eldste Parkinson

Our little plane to Alta! I had to move to the back to "readjust the weight" haha

We went fishing today and caught some dinner!