Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 1 in Oslo!

We had a great last couple of days in Kongsberg. We had an awesome FHE at the Isaksen's house with an investigator named H and some other members. We found H a week before I left and were able to teach him 4 times in one week! Awesome guy that has committed to prepare for baptism! A huge miracle. It was cool to teach him one last time right before I left!

It's been a sweet first week in the big city of Oslo! We are actually living in Sandvika in an apartment that the AP's were living in, which is about a 25 minute train ride from the city. There are 8 other missionaries in the Oslo ward and one senior couple! It's an exciting feeling to be starting completely from scratch without any prior obligations. The ward is huge (about 700 members on the list), but only about 180 of them are active. There is so much potential for this city to just take off!!

Elder Holden is a cool dude! From Rockford, Illinois and already has completed a bachelors degree in Finance. He is a great missionary and really helping me develop skills and get more excited and consecrated to this work! It's also fun to be serving with someone from the Midwest! 

We have spent a lot of time on the streets talking to people! It is such a contrast to the abandoned streets of Kongsberg that I had become so used to. We have been blessed with many tender mercies as we open up this area. First, when looking through some drawers in the apartment we found some old Oslo area books that we able to find some very cool people in! One being this part member family from Vietnam that we were able to teach yesterday! Another miracle happened when we were sitting in the Institute Center downtown looking up an address on the computer. This random guy, turned out to be a previous investigator, walked in asking if he could meet with some missionaries. We had an awesome teach in which we were able to commit him to baptism! There were difficult times too, when appointments would fall through and nobody would stop and talk to us, but I have come to be grateful for those struggles. I recognize that God tests us and tries us in order to qualify us for all the blessings he has in store. I am grateful for the opportunity to be consecrated to this work and for the powers from heaven that are available to us when we bury our weapons of war like the the Lamanites did and commit to follow Christ! 

I love you all!

Eldste Parkinson