Monday, October 6, 2014


It was a high energy week! The highlight was probably on Thursday when the ZL's came to Kongsberg for some splits. We were able to find and teach a lot of people. The bold move of the day was when I was with Elder Skinner. We saw some guy sitting in a car and decided to just walk over and bank on the window (I guess we were getting kind of fed up with banking on doors). The guy let us teach him right there and we got another appointment!
General Conference was amazing! Because Norwegians are so fluent in english, almost everyone watches it in english. So that was a blessing. I still haven't seen the last session though. I loved the talk by Elder Anderson. Elder Uchtdorf's talk was sweet as well. This church is led by inspired men. Now let's all do as President Eyring directed and pray for confirming revelation!
I had a funny experience this week that kind of made me think. We were on splits and one of the elders had to mail something. Our toilet brush had broken and I decided to go buy a new one while waiting. As I was standing in the checkout line I realized how goofy I looked. An 18 year old in a suit buying just one item: a toilet brush. I realized, though, that it is only awkward if you make it awkward, so I just smiled right through the whole thing with no shame. I feel like a lot of times when we we knock on doors or contact people it feels kind of like I'm holding a toilet brush. We testify of things that seem weird to todays standards (a living profet, the first vision, golden plates, the word of wisdom). But, why should we be ashamed? We've got the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! It doesn't mean it's not the truth simply because it doesn't coincide with society. I'm pretty sure that was a theme in conference too. Anyway, kind of a dumb analogy, but don't be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!
That sounds like a sweet trip Dave had with the young men! Bummer about Taysom Hill and the cougs :(
It is getting darker and darker every day. It seems like just yesterday that the sun never went down.

Have an awesome week! I love you all and appreciate the support!
Eldste Parkinson