Monday, September 29, 2014

One by One

I'll start off with the most important news...HAPPY 50th to Papa Parkinson! Wish I could be there, but I know that there is nothing more you would rather have me doing than serving as a missionary! 

Elder Skøien and I had another great week! It all started with this 18 year old investigator that we have. He tried to drop us about two weeks ago and we committed him to give it another chance. On Monday we were wandering around trying to find the address of some potential that we had found on the street. Not super positive, and impossible to communicate with, but we figured to give it a chance. We banked on what we thought was the house and found this African family. We talked to the father on the porch and they were not very interested, satisfied with the Bible. But, out of nowhere, we saw B. (the 18 year old) walk in the background! He came outside, closed the door behind him, and talked to us for awhile. Super sincere and wanted to meet again. We had a super cool teach with him later in the week and he is preparing to be baptized in November! 

As I have been reading in the Book of Mormon lately I have noticed how often the phrase 'one by one' is used. Especially in 3rd Nephi you realize how much Christ teaches the one. It has been cool to apply the principle to missionary work and search for the one. We made that a zone wide focus this last week and saw miracles as our number of baptismal dates was more than doubled!

They are remodeling our church building in Drammen so we went to Sandvika on Sunday for church. Quite the travel. 

We have started teaching some more people from the Phillipines (a couple being referred from the member that just moved here). People are starting to progress and it cool to see the effects the gospel of Jesus Christ can have on someone's life. The key to true happiness. Our job as missionaries is to simply invite people to try it out! 

They are kicking me off the computer, so that's all she wrote! Have a great week!

Eldste Parkinson