Monday, September 1, 2014

Ballin' in KBerg

MOVES call was this week! AND...I'm staying in Kongsberg! Elder Gustafson is headed over to Moss and I'm going to be serving with another Norwegian named Elder Skøien! He's been out a transfer less than me.

We had some cool experiences this week, though. There was this one lady in the area book that was taught a long time ago that we got in contact with again and taught on Tuesday. it was pretty hectic getting the appointment to work out, though, because we needed to have a member present and everyone was busy or out of town. Last minute, we were finally able to get two awesome woman from the ward to come with us, but they couldn't drive we had to bike to the top of this mountain where the lady lived! In the end, the teach went awesome! It's cool how when you do all you can, God prepares a way for things to work out. And the joy you get walking out of a lesson like that is greater than the stress that went into making it possible!

We got to help the Isaksen family out with some service this week! All their kids have fled the nest, so it's nice to be of help. And as I've said before, service opportunities are rare here in Norway. 

We visited a small isolated place called Ormåsen this week! We have a bunch of cool families that live out there, and we got to visit most of them. One of the families are die hard Green Bay Packer fans! Cool to have that cheese head connection. Two of the other families are converts to the church (at least the parents are), It's a special little area, but at the same time it is really hard to visit because it is way off the train route. #prayingforacar

Sunday we had a really cool ward activity called the MMTC (Member missionary training center). Each set of missionaries had a 10 minute station where we taught some principle of missionary work and gave some commitment. our station was all about Social media! All of you need to check out the talk that Bednar just gave at BYU. It's crazy to think of the possibilities that come with sharing goodness through the internet and social media. The church is making tons of cool stuff too. Mormon messages, Bible videos, that Easter video and most recently the full feature film "Meet the Mormons" that comes out soon. Taking the world with a flood! 

Elder Bednar is coming this Sunday!! Way exciting for us as missionaries and for all the members in Norway as a whole. All the missionaries are coming together for the first time in forever. Norway is on the rise! 

Thanks for the package! David, I'm impressed by the Scarf! A man of many talents. We are down in Drammen for the day! Played soccer this morning and hooping later today! 

Love always,
Eldste Parkinson
Photo of our District (sorry for bad quality)! Love these guys! From left to right: E. Gustafson, Me, S. Angerhofer, S. Larsen, Bishop, E. Halverson, E. Skinner, E. Gunther, E. Taylor
Dear Parkinson Family,

I had the pleasure to meet your son during the recent mission tour in the Norway Oslo Mission.
I have enclosed a photo of him with his companion. Enjoy!
What a cheerful and wonderful young Elder! He has been a great influence for
good among the missionaries of the Oslo Mission.

All the Best,

Timothy J. Dyches
Europe Area, 2nd counselor