Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer is over?

It has been a wet week here in Telemark. Rainy weather and spaghetti dinners almost everyday this week, which made biking an adventure. It seems like summer just barely started, but supposedly winter is just around the corner, even down here in the south. I'm thinking it would be sweet to get some snowmobiles out here when winter starts.
The work was difficult this week. A lot of appointments falling through and investigators losing interest. Serving a mission takes so much energy and resiliency. The mission, like everything, is a process and takes mistakes and learning experiences to see growth. In a way, our whole message is a message of growth through the atonement of Christ. In a few lessons this week it was evident to me how much I don't know. Often times it can be frustrating, but eventually I realize and remind myself that it doesn't matter how much I know because it is not my job to convince people. In this sense, I'm reminded of how much the Book of Mormon is the foundation of my testimony. Any weird question somebody asks that i cannot give a clear answer can be simply answered by the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and its evidence of continuing revelation.  
There was a cool coincidence in church on Sunday. A lady named Søster Sterri came up to me and said that she knows my brother. Apparently she is Erik's companion's Grandma! She lives in Drammen! small world!
We found some cool families this week from South America! It's cool being able to meet and teach people from all over the world. It reminds me of how global this great work has become!
Last week of this first transfer in Kongsberg. Time is flying so fast. Too fast. It is scary to thing that you will never get these two years back!
Have a great week! David and Harriet, good luck with school starting! Sounds like David is getting yoked with all that time in the gym (apart from my massive legs from all the biking :).
Elder Parkinson

Norwegians playing some soccer. Really the only sport they play that isn't in the snow.

classic missionaries with their bike helmets pic