Monday, August 11, 2014

The King's Mound

It was an awesome week! Those two weeks of finding are starting to pay off! We taught some really cool people this week. One of them was this guy named Asad who has read the Bible, Koran, and Torah and told us he wants to read our book. It is cool when you find people like this that are searching for the truth because they really relate to Joseph smith and the idea of a restoration. 

We are also teaching a couple from India (there is quite a large population here in Kongsberg from India). They have been reading the Book of Mormon and like to learn, but they are very deep rooted in Hinduism. It makes me wish we had members that were from India that we could bring on teaches. 

Yesterday we had 3 investigators in church, which was a miracle. Two of them were formers that we just reconnected with. It was a way cool Sacrament meeting too because a return missionary, current missionary, and soon to be missionary all spoke.There were probably 150 people in church.

I spent a bunch of time going through the area book and we spent one day just biking around and visiting formers. Some of them were still positive and set up appointments with us. Speaking of biking, we do a lot of it. I am actually getting in pretty good shape, especially since we live at the top of a hill. Although, we got in trouble for taking our bikes on the train. Apparently you have to pay 100 crowns to take two bikes on a train? But, you also have to pay to use public restrooms. Gotta love Norway.

Kongsberg is a small enough town that we are starting yo realize that everyone knows everyone. To name a few. 1. Knock on door. Old couple answers and not interested. Say they are picking up their grandchildren. 15 minutes later we try back a potential who is the daughter of the old couple and get to see them pick up their grandchildren. 2. When trying back C's family again we found that C's brother John has met with the missionaries before and already knew Elder Gustaffson. 3. A Peruvian named Wilbur on the potential sheet. bank on his door. Realized he was the cool atheist guy we talked with for 30 minutes on the street 3 days ago. 

Anyways, have a great week. Elder Dyches from the 70 comes on Friday!!

Elder Parkinson

pic: Andreas heads to England on Thursday!!