Monday, September 8, 2014

Blown away by Bednar

Dearest Fam,

Yesterday, the 7th of September, was a day I will never forget. Elder Bednar came for a much anticipated visit and blew us all away. We had a 2 hour stake conference with him in Oslo with over a thousand members present! Elder Bednar gave one of the most fantastic talks I have ever heard and said exactly what the people of Norway needed to hear. One thing that stood out for me is how he admonished us all to be missionaries by simply living the gospel. Inevitably, people are going to ask you why you are so weird/different from everyone else. By being wiling to answer their questions and bear testimony you are being a missionary. 

After the stake conference we had a separate 3 hour meeting for us missionaries and Elder Bednar. It was done in a question and answer format as Bednar often does. How Bednar chose to teach us, helped me better understand how I should be teaching my investigators: as agents not as objects. This allows for the spirit to be the true teacher. It makes sense. Why would I want someone to learn simply by listening to me, in my american Norwegian and limited understanding of the gospel? By the allowing them to be agents they can learn these truths for themselves through a perfect teacher. 

I could talk about Bednar all day and still wouldn´t be able to fairly express how much that conference did for me. But I will simply say that I know he is an apostle of the Lord and that this Church is the true restored church of Jesus Christ on the earth today!

Elder Skøien, my new comp, arrived on Wednesday! He is actually from Canada! Born in Drammen, Norway, but grew up in Alberta. However, he grew up speaking Norwegain in his home so he is pretty much fluent! He is 18 and younger than me! Looking forward to a bomb transfer with him. 

On Tuesday Kongsberg was miracle city. We had an awesome teach with that former I told you about last week. Name is Ane. The message of the restoration really touched her heart and the spirit was there. It was cool to be able to testify to her of the spirit that was in the room. When we were out contacting a lady ran up to us and shouted "Elders! Elders! I have been looking for you!" She apparently is a newly baptized convert from Hong Kong and just moved to Kongsberg. named Daisy! She wanted to know where the church is! She also said she has 5 non-member friends she wants to take with her! Way cool, and she came to the Bednar conference. We were able to have some other really cool teaches that day as well. 

Well that is about it. Have a great week! Love the gospel and LIVE it! Just do it!

The whole mission was together on Sunday for the first time in centuries (not sure how long it has been). Got a nice pic! I am in the back middle.

Eldste Parkinson