Monday, October 27, 2014

Rain Rain go away

After getting some snow last week it has warmed up a little again and turned into rain...all day every day. I think Saturday was the first time we saw the sun in a couple weeks. We had this service project during the week helping some members attach some snow removing mechanism on their roof. It was nice to get wet and dirty and do some service.

It was one of those weeks where I look back through my planner and it doesn't really tell the story. A ton of unplanned teaches in unplanned areas. I guess that is how you know that spirit was guiding you. There was one time that we walked out of the apartment and started talking to this guy on our way to the city. He was pretty critical and loved to point to problems other people have with our church. We taught him for a while there on the street, but were not able to get anywhere. We gave him a card and continued on our way. 30 seconds later he called down to us and asked us if we wanted to come with him and talk to his friend. What?! We weren't going to say no to that. HIs friend ended up being our next door neighbor and we were able to have a nice conversation with them that really changed their perception of who we were. Hopefully, will be able to teach them again soon. 

We have begun teaching this cool lady from Ghana named Nancy. She let us teach her the first time mainly because she wanted to hear the word of God, didn't really want to change. As we taught her the plan of salvation, though, it hit her that we were teaching things that she hasn't thought about before. Without us even needing to extend the invitation she said she needs to read the Book of Mormon and pray for understanding. I keep learning more and more how the restored gospel answers the questions of the soul. Pure, 100 percent TRUTH.

We had Stake Conference this week, which was really inspiring. The Stake President talked about how in the church you are never "retired". There is no threshold of understanding or knowledge that exempts you from the work. Everybody, is invited to take part and work together in the work of salvation. There is always more to learn and always more to do. The whole conference confirmed to me that this church is led by revelation at every different level. 

We got an extra hour of sleep on Sunday! That was a blessing, although I'm so many hours behind at this point it didn't make a huge difference. With the darkness it is becoming necessary to have reflectors and a flashlight on you at all times haha.

Our Ward mission leader mentioned to me that the Kansas City Royals were in the World Series and I nearly lost it haha. I didn't bother asking for the record of Twins. It was weird feeling, though, that a whole baseball season has passed without me having a clue that it ever began. It made me realize how long I have been out here and how much we are literally separated from the world as missionaries.  

We should be getting the car tomorrow so that will revolutionize the proselyting. Although, it will take away all the time we get on public transportation to talk with people. Pros and cons. 

I got the birthday packages! It will take some patience to wait till the 7th to open them. Especially with the rumor that one of them has some peanut butter!!

Ha en fin uke! 
Love always, 
Eldste Parkinson