Monday, October 13, 2014

Should I stay or should I go?

MOVES CALL! Should I stay or should I go? Well......I'm staying here in Kongsberg! I will be getting a new comp straight from the states named Elder Abril. Apparently his mom is Swedish so he has already gotten a head start with the language. Elder Skøien is moving down to Drammen so we will still be in the same district and see each other on Sundays. It's going to be a great learning experience to train and I feel like it is coming at a good time in my mission. A real opportunity to get reenergized and really focus on doing things right. I remember how clueless I was when I came to the land and I know the first several weeks are key to starting off your mission on the right note. 

It seems like most of this week has been spent on trains. We had a zone leader training in Tønsberg. I had a trainers meeting in Oslo. Ward Council  in Drammen. Church on Sunday in Drammen. We really travel a lot, but good news came in today that we will be getting the car back! Skøien's bike is still in the shop (Don't ask me why it's taking so long) so it will be a big blessing. It may take a week or two though. 

We had a really cool experience teaching these two guys from Iran. Both live here alone with families in dangerous situations back in Iran. They are really searching for comfort, peace, and protection. One of them speaks Norwegian and the other only speaks Persian. It's unfortunate because the one who is searching the most can only be communicated to through his friend. We gave him the Book of Mormon in Persian and a week later he told us he had finished it! He said he loved it. We taught him about prayer and how he could find out if it is true. He literally interrupted us and asked us if he could pray. I have no idea what he said, but the spirit was there. They each payed 200 crowns to take the train with us to church on Sunday. Do to safety concerns they probably won't be able to be baptized for a while, but it was a really special experience. Reminded me of my man Amiri back in Minnesota. 

Due to the difficulty of transporting members and investigators to church we have begun praying to find a van. Kind of weird, but we didn't know what else to do. Me and elder Skinner had a cool experience on splits last week finding this investigator with a huge van. And then this past week when visiting a young member couple, we saw this huge 8 passenger  van in the driveway! No idea why they bought it, but all of the sudden we've got way to get people to church as well as a way to get the members involved. Crazy. 

Elder Skøien and I tried speaking Norwegian the whole week and made it most of the way! He's been a great hard working comp. Gonna miss him. 

Mom, I ate that whole Peanut Butter jar. Literally put it on everything. Easily ten times as big as the peanut butter jars they sell here. 'MERICA

Jeg elsker dere! Snakkes!

Every morning the whole valley is just covered with fog!

Eldste Parkinson