Monday, July 7, 2014

Hei du der!

It was a long and pretty difficult week here in Tromsø. Everybody is leaving town on vacation, and in Norway when you go on vacation often it is for the whole summer. But, as always, we still saw many miracles and had a lot of cool experiences. 

We had a really solid teach this week with Andre and he came to church for the first time! The spirit was strong the whole meeting, as it always seems to be with fast and testimony meetings. Andre is so golden! His one concern is that he doesn't feel ready to share what he's been investigating with his family, afraid of how they will respond. However, I know that things are going to work out with him and his family in the long run. They leave for Svalbard in a few weeks!

We had a interesting teach with this member of the pentecostal church here in Norway. He's from Cameroon and actually came to Norway as a missionary for his church. Really strong faith. We gave him a Book of Mormon in French a week ago and taught him again on Saturday, However, as people so often do he turned to the internet instead of the Book of Mormon to learn about our doctrine. He started asking us questions about baptisms for the dead and other deep doctrines he didn't agree with. We also got the typical Revelation 22;18 concern about the Book of Mormon. Elder Årsnes and I would respond to his concerns and kept attempting to bring the discussion to our fundamental doctrine, but with no luck. It made me think of that quote that says something like "the fundamental principles of our religion are that Christ died and resurrected, everything else is only appendages to that." So true.

Well, today we are driving a couple hours out of town to some members that live on a farm! They have started coming to church in their electric car lately, and we promised we would come out and help them with their strawberry patch! 

Weather has gotten really hot the last few days, and with the sun being up all day. our air conditionless apartment has become a sauna. The tin foil we put over our windows a while back might have something to do with it too...

Love you all and have a great week!
Eldste Parkinson