Monday, July 21, 2014

This week...

This week was Moves call! AND........They are taking me from Tromsø. I'm headed down south to Kongsberg! A city south from Oslo. I'll be serving in the Drammen ward, which is supposedly one of the biggest wards in Norway. It seems like a good change. It will be a lot of new things though. The sisters are being taken out of Tromsø (Sister Rupp is going home), so there will be 4 elders up here again.

It was a great week, though. We were able to teach a lot of great lessons and found a lot of cool people. One girl actually contacted us on the street and said she had two books that she needed to give back to us. Apparently 3 years ago a missionary gave her two book of Mormons that she didn't want. We set up a book hand off, turned it into a lesson, and turned her into an investigator! Sweet!

Cruising to church with Arvid!

It was a great last Sunday! We got special permission from president to drive Arvid to church, which was a highlight. We had a really good turnout and a nice potluck type meal together afterwards. For me, the saddest part about leaving this area is leaving the people. That's really what comes to matter most. And there are some cool people that I've gotten to know up here. One cool thing, though, is that Chilonda will be heading down to Kongsberg for school in a few weeks, so I'll get to reconnect with him. John may come visit. I keep pushing for those two to serve missions, especially John. 

It seems like in a lot of our lessons lately we have talked a lot about agency. A lot of people ask us why God would let there be war and suffering. We've been using 2 Nephi 2 a lot as we answer that question. We are all free to choose between good and evil and the consequences of our choices can't be blamed on God. At the same time, though, how awesome is it that we have the ability to choose and actually find and experience joy. When you have that perspective it actually makes you grateful for opposition. 

Shout out to Erik as he flies to Hungary this week! An congrats to Sean on getting cleared to go to Spain! It's cool knowing so many people that are beginning there missions right now! Drep dragger!

Deuces Tromsø!!

Love always, 
Eldste Parkinson