Monday, July 14, 2014

Not much time to write this week, but I'll try to send some pictures as consolation. Thursday morning at 6 we flew down to Trondheim for training from the assistants. It was basically 6 hours of practicals and skill training. Tiring, but really helpful. We flew back to Tromsø pretty late and then missed our bus...didn't get home til midnight. Very long day.

We met a really cool person this week named Ellen. We banked on her door last Sunday and she told us to try back sometime in the afternoon. A pretty typical try back. We tried back on Wednesday and she wasn't home, so we just went out banking in another neighborhood. About an hour or so later I felt a strong prompting to go back and try Ellen again. After much hesitation, we went back and tried again, this time finding her home and in the middle of dinner. She said try again in 45 minutes. We went and banked more and came back for the third time and taught a lesson on her porch! She is absolutely golden! She's a single mom with three kids (a set of twins!), a member of the Baptist church, but admitted she is searching for a new church. We taught her again yesterday, and have another appointment scheduled this next Wednesday!  It pays off to follow up!

It's amazing how much joy it brings you to find prepared people and watch them grown in the gospel.There is nothing that makes me happier. Makes me think of when Lehi eats the fruit and find the real joy when he can share it with others. Share the Fruit! 

We had a branch movie night on Saturday. Watched the one hour Joseph Smith movie. Had a good turnout and ate ice cream after. John and Chilonda (another young member from the Congo) were both there and had a blast. We are going to go play some bball with John today, so that will be fun! Also might be climbing a mountain.

Love you all! 
Eldste Parkinson

View of Tromsø

Love this city!