Monday, March 10, 2014

Last Week!

The 3 Danes left this morning at 6. They are all very excited and anxious to be in Denmark. This means I am now companions with Elder Conatti and Elder Heinricks. Although, supposedly another Danish Elder is coming Wednesday, so I might become his companion for my last couple days. Hopefully this all makes sense haha. I realized I never really told you much about the Danish missionaries. Elder Lester is from Evanston, Wyoming. He was a big time wrestler in High School, but he injured his shoulder his senior year and couldn't compete. He decided to graduate high school early to go on his mission! We get along really well. He's a true cowboy haha. Elder Reimschussel and Sister Wright are both from Utah. Both did a semester at BYU like I did. They're all going to do great things.

Friday I got my flight plans. They accidentally gave me two separate flight plans, but I dropped by the travel office today and got things figured out. So, I leave Salt Lake at 12:20 pm Monday and Arrive in Dallas, Texas at 4 pm. I leave Dallas at 7:15 and arrive in London at 9:35 am. I leave London at 1:05 and arrive in Norway at 4:15! I get to call home from the airport, so I'll probably do that in Dallas. 

I'm struggling to remember what I even did this week. it's gotten to the point where every week is pretty much the same. Two of my three teachers have been busy and didn't come much this week. So I have had pretty much the same teacher most of the week and a few of the Swedish teachers have helped out occasionally. I can understand Swedish pretty well so that worked out. Oh, and apparently on Wednesday I'm teaching a skype lesson with a less-active in Norway! I'm really excited for that. 

It's cool how after the first 4 weeks I pretty much learned all the material, so my lessons with teachers have been very flexible lately. One day my teacher talked for like half an hour about Norway's role in World War 2 and another day about his experience not seeing the sun for months in a row when he served in Northern Norway. I'm definitely going to a cool place. 

I think I'm allowed to write a quick note home Saturday night and then my next letter will be from Norge! I feel like my letters are pretty boring and monotone, but I'm sure they will get more interesting once I get out of the MTC! I love you all and appreciate the letters and support! 

Eldste Parkinson

One last shot of the Group! They make me look like a giant. 

Elder Lester! 

Elder Reimschussel!