Thursday, February 18, 2016

We'll Bring the World His Truth!

This week has been a blast! 

On Friday we had a YSA Valentine's party in the church and we were able to get several investigators to come. Good food, good games, and a way competitive limbo once again. One of our investigators had told us the night before that he wasn't going to make it and he ended up showing up anyways. When I asked him why he cam he said, "I just needed to feel the spirit again!" That right there touched me. It made me think of that Mormon message where the guy was telling his conversion story and talking about his experience at the ward picnic. It was the "straightest party" he'd ever been to and he was shocked that they "prayed over the hot dogs." Nothing quite like a Mormon party. But, he felt something special being there, a feeling which the world can't match.

The Bergen Ward is sending off another missionary this week to serve in England. It was powerful to hear her testimony and the story of her family coming from Chile and reconnecting with the church here in Norway. After her talk all the YSA and missionaries went up and sang my favorite song, "Vi vil bringe sannhet til jord." Priceless.

We got to go out hometeaching last night with an older member of the ward that lives a ways out of Bergen. 30+ years ago the missionaries banked on their door and a few months later a family of 6 was baptized. As we were driving around visiting the people on his list I was touched by how much dedication and love this man had towards the church. Being a member here in Norway is not an easy thing and these members have offered so much to remain active and fulfill their callings. You see people every Sunday in church but have no idea what they've gone through and sacrificed to be there. #Latterdaysaints

Things are going well with the missionary work. A lot of investigators continue to slowly but surely progress. The biggest challenge right now is to maintain a love and a patience with everyone despite the urgency that I may feel as the clock is ticking. The other night I was feeling a little frustrated and found great comfort in these words from Mormon:
 46 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, if ye have not charity,ye are nothing, for charity never faileth. Wherefore, cleave unto charity, which is the greatest of all, for all things must fail—
48 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ; that ye may become the sons of God; that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope; that we may be purified even as he is pure. Amen.

Love has to be the motivator for what we do and that is easier said than done. Sometimes you just got to hit your knees, forget yourself, and pray really hard to be able to love and see people as Christ does.  

Eldste Parkinson