Monday, February 29, 2016

Ja jeg elsker dette landet

There really isn't much left to say at this point. I never expected to experience what I've experienced here on my misssion and I never expected to feel the way I feel for this country and all the people that live here. What a blessing to serve, bless, teach, struggle, rejoice, and love these last two years.
I couldn't of asked for a better last sacrament meeting. A convert spoke. I got to bear my testimony. There was an awesome musical number. President and Sister Hill were visiting and spoke. And then it all ended with my favorite song, "Vi vil bringe sannhet til jord."
I've deleted the last 9 sentences I've written so I think I've run out of words.
It's been the best two years and will be on my mind for the next 50. Thanks Norway and thanks to an awesome family that got me here.

Eldste Parkinson