Monday, January 4, 2016


Happy New Year! And more importantly, happy birthday to Harriet! 2016 has brought blue skies and sunshine the last couple days. It's also brought everybody back from vacation or the "hytte" so things are taking off. 

I think I told who lives in this student housing apartments pretty close to the church. After our first visit with him we felt pretty strongly that we needed to bank the rest of the apartment. Earlier in the week we banked a bunch of them and it went incredibly well. A bunch of young families that we got appointments with. Last night, we went back and it was magical. We were able to visit two of the try backs and then we banked a couple more doors and got let in by this 19 year-old that pretty hesitantly let us in to teach. It was kind of one of those "you've got 10 minutes to try and change my mind." The spirit was powerful during the teach and by the end he was super excited to read the Book of Mormon, come to church and meet again. We're exciting to keep working in this neighborhood. It may get translated. 

It's been exciting to make a big district focus on getting investigators to church. We figured it would be a great way to get the members excited and involved in missionary work as well as a way to help our investigators progress. To keep us accountable and excited we started something we are calling the "Bergen Bønn" (Bønn means prayer). Saturday night after planning we do a conference call as a district and announce the investigators that should be coming to church the next day. Then, somebody says a prayer naming everybody by name to show our collective faith that they will come the next day! It made church a lot more meaningful and exciting.

We are getting a language class started up next week which is going to be awesome! We've been advertising like crazy and are hoping to set a missionary language class record.

I just love the people we are working with right now. I feel so much desire for them to accept, live, and share this Gospel. Life is so much more meaningful when your time is spent worrying about other people and their needs. It really helps you to understand how God must feel about each one of His children.

Have an awesome week! 

Eldste Parkinson

Here are some pictures of the refugee dinner at the church around Christmas time.