Monday, May 4, 2015

In the Service of your fellow men


What's up fam!

We made a discovery this week that we think will revolutionize missionary work in Drammen, and maybe even all of Norway. Wait for it... Every Tuesday night, Rema 1000 (the main grocery store here) started giving us free meat and bread that they otherwise would of thrown away! The meat is all way expired, but because it has always been in the freezer it's fine to eat! My whole mission I have eaten the same cheap meat with everything: Kylling Kjøtdeig (ground chicken). This week we had hamburgers, a foot longs salmon, and all these pig meats that i don't know how to translate properly. Huge blessing. It may have helped that a member owns the store and several other members work there. 

We were blessed with some great service opportunities this week! On Monday we tried back a lady that we had found last week and she didn't answer the door! We thought she was home and just trying to avoid us. We tried the house right behind it before walking back down the driveway and seeing her in front of the house! We said hi and she told us that she was way too busy and in the process of moving. She seemed stressed, so we asked if we could help out. After a little hesitation she said yes and we started helping her carry bags and boxes to our cars. She had to be out of the house the next day, so we came back the next morning and helped with some of the bigger things that needed to be taken on a trailer. To my surprise, we found out that this lady is the sister to E. (one of my favorite investigators from Kongsberg)! To add to that, E. came and helped out Tuesday morning with a few other friends from Sierra-Leone. Together we managed to do one of the most seemingly impossible moves ever. Taking couches out of windows, and fitting things up stairwells that I'm pretty sure went against the laws of physics! It was cool to be able to serve and be an answer to that woman's prayer, a prayer she may have never said. We are hoping to start teaching some of the people that we met that day, but regardless it was an experience that really helped me to better understand my purpose as a missionary.

We continue to work with J. and his family! They have some tough obstacles to overcome, but it amazes me how much God has prepared this family for the restored gospel! Just this past week J. mentioned how his brother (Not sure if this means biological brother or african brother) has started meeting with missionaries in Sweden and has committed to get baptized! That was incredible to hear! The word J. uses to describe the Book of Mormon, the Restoration, and everything we have taught him is "clear". It is all so clear! I think that is one of the best ways to describe truth and to describe our message! I have gotten this family and some other friends/investigators here in Drammen to start teaching me Krio (native language in Africa). The language is amazing!!

Our train station investigator, M., continues to make good progress. He has been going through some tough times, but it amazes me how humble this man is! I asked him how he was doing on the phone one day and he said things had been hard, but then he quickly said, "it could be worse, though. The Christians in Iraq and North Korea are suffering much more. will you pray for them?" Such a great Christ like example to me of looking outward.

This transfer has flown right by! Moves call is this Sunday (Mothers day)! I can't wait to see everyone on skype! I'll let you know what time I'll be calling!  Have a great week and look for those small opportunities to serve! Seeing the gosepl is so much more powerful than hearing it!!

eldste Parkinson

No rear view!

The couch went out the window
More move pictures

View from our neighborhood

Best parallel park ever!