Monday, March 9, 2015

Oslo Dunkers!

It has been a crazy week! Biggest thing that happened this week....Mom hit that age milestone! Happy Birthday! 21 right? :) I hope it was a great and memorable day!

Things are going well here in Oslo! We continue to have fast turnover with our investigators, but we continue to find awesome people! The man of the week is a guy from....Poland! We found him last Sunday on the street and have taught him five times since! He speaks pretty good, and kind of funny, english! He is really searching for truth and has been eating up the Book of Mormon, always asking us for more chapters to read. On our second teach he told us that he had been concerned after we had told him that the "golden plates" are not here with us on earth to see. But, after he read the introduction he explained to us that it was just like "doubting Thomas," in that we need to develop faith which comes from not seeing! The coolest part is that he came to this answer by himself, and opening up and reading from the Book of Mormon was the key to resolving his concern. Another cool thing with him is that he walked like an hour to come to church! We explained to him how to use the TBane, but I guess he didn't quite understand! That is how you know someone has real intent! 

We played some more basketball on Saturday, which we have now established as a weekly activity! G., our investigator that inspired it, is inviting all his friends and trying to make it a legit thing! We'll see what happens. We have continued to have Saturday night activities at the center too! It's been a great tool for less active member work and getting our investigators familiar with the members!!

We found another french speaking investigator, but this one doesn't speak any English or Norwegian. It's been a bit of a struggle considering I don't know any gospel words. He even came to church, but I was unable to give very much translation. Mostly just pointing to pictures in pamphlets haha. Hopefully it comes back!

Not much time to write, but I'll send some photos! I love each and every one of you!

Med Vennlig Hilsen,
Eldste Parkinson