Tuesday, March 24, 2015



I shouldn't have commented on the beautiful weather last week because it jinxed us with some snow yesterday. Weather in Norway is kind of like climbing a mountain. You always think you are at the top (think that winter is over) and then you realize it's just a false summit!

We had some awesome meetings this week with the highlight being a zone conference that we had on Thursday! We talked a lot about the importance of having courage as a missionary. That is one trait that I think I lacked before my mission. I remember how hard it was for me as a kid to tell other people that I was a "Mormon" and that I went to church every Sunday. For one reason or another I didn't like being different from everyone else and feared what others would think about me. I remember back in Minnesota after church running from our garage  to our house trying to avoid being seen in my shirt and tie by my neighbor friends. Looking back, and seeing where I am now, I think that one of the most valuable things my mission has given me is self-confidence, or courage. The courage to stand alone. The courage to bear your testimony. The courage to act on a prompting from the Holy Ghost. 

A. has made awesome transition in Poland. We have skyped him several times and he loved the church there! Every lesson with him is full of spiritual moments I will never forget. He told us that he could read the Book of Mormon 7 times and he would probably still not understand a lot of things in his head. But then, he patted his chest and explained to us how the most important thing is that we receive a confirmation in our heart. 

We have an investigator right now that loves playing pool with us! He is way good, too. I think I might move to Vegas when I get back! 

Things have been going really well here in Oslo, though. I had the opportunity to give a couple of baptismal interviews this past week which was a really cool experience. One of them I had to do over skype because of a language barrier. It makes me so grateful for the technology that we have and for the possibilities it gives in missionary work.

We continue to play basketball every Saturday! i bought a cheap Shaq jersey at a second hand store that I've been wearing when we play. Last Saturday we played with a bunch of people from the Philippines and I really did feel like Shaq. 

Not much else to say this week! Love you all! 

Eldste Parkinson