Monday, January 5, 2015

Godt nyttår!

Hey FAM! 

i wrote half the email before I remembered that yesterday was...MOVES CALL. I'm staying in Oslo and Elder Christensen is taking off to Hamar. Puts an end to the potato connection. My new comp is Elder Årsnes! That's right, round 2! I'm excited to be working with him again!

It was a fun experience being in Oslo for the new year! Fireworks are a big thing up here and almost every single house in the whole city was setting off some pretty legit fireworks. Unfortunately, there was a bunch of fog, which made it hard to see them. We spent New Years Eve with an awesome family from England! 4 young kids. It brought back memories of having the missionaries over on New Years eve back in Minnesota. I think this was my first time not seeing the ball drop! 

It has been a busy week of ups and downs. It has been tough losing kontact with some investigators over the holidays and we have put a big focus on finding new investigators. it has also been good to thing to focus on goal setting with the New Year! i have been comparing it to a maze. Having no goals is like a maze with no exit. You may be stoked to share the gospel and full of energy, but you won't be very effective and will spend most of your times running in to walls and dead ends. Goals/Planning allow you to have direction as well as the companionship of the Holy Ghost. One thing I have been getting passionate about is finding on the way. I have stopped doing contacting stints where you just walk aimlessly around the city talking to everyone with a pulse. Instead, we always try to have a "point B" (a less active, former investigator, potential, active member) that we can visit and then have the faith that god will place people in our paths that our ready to receive the message! 

We will be getting another visit from the 70 in a couple weeks: Elder Kopichke! Looking forward to an awesome transfer!!

Eldste Parkinson