Monday, January 19, 2015

A visit from Elder Kopischke

Our mission was blessed this week with a visit from another General Authority: Elder Kopischke. BLOWN AWAY. We had a 6 hour meeting with him as missionaries that was basically a question and answer session. One thing that impressed me is that after every question he would first open to the scriptures and share a verse that would give a direct answer. It was inspiring how he knew his scriptures so well! One phrase that he kept using over and over again is "raise your vision!" As I get close to my year mark it is a good time to really reestablish my vision for the rest of my mission. It can be easy to get discouraged and lower your expectations, but as Elder Kopischke said, "never bury your dreams!" The missionary work in Norway is prime for take off and I know with the missionaries, members, and a little patience real growth is going to start like never before!

The same day as the Missionary conference he had a fireside for the young adults at the Institute center. We had an investigator that came so we were able to be with. It was powerful. One question that was asked was how you don't 'burn out' in the church when it demands so much of you. I have thought a lot about this as a missionary. He shared a scripture from Mosiah 4:26-27 that I really liked which helped to answer the question! A lot of it comes down to our weekly cleansing though the sacrament. 

Our best investigator at the moment is my man, the guy that jumped off the trikk and followed us to church! We have established a great relationship and he has made lots of friends in the ward! He asks great questions and really recognizes the promptings of the spirit. 

Another cool experience: a couple weeks ago Elder Christensen and I were helping a family move. We took longer than we thought and almost missed our T-Bane going back to town. I ran probably my fastest 800 meter of my life. One the T-Bane I sat next to this guy that I began talking to. He is originally from Uganda, but studying at a university in Stockholm. He said he spontaneously decided to come to Norway for a day to see some sights. I eventually started talking to him about the Book of Mormon and he agreed to walk to the institute center to receive a copy. We taught him quickly, the spirit was strong, and I got his contact info to send on to Sweden. When I checked my email I got this awesome response from him:

"Hi Thomas,
Thank You for the email.  Am doing quite fine and enjoyed my final day in Oslo and hoping to return there in the near future as i feel there was still alot to discover in Oslo.
I have been reading through the precious gift from you 'Book of Mormon' and have to admit each chapter has been a revelation i had no prior knowledge about, am yet to contact the local church to meet someone to i can further share with but hope to do so with in the coming days.
I once again wish to appreciate your missionary work and having spared your time for a chat with me in Oslo.
My Best wishes"

It's the best when you find awesome people like that!
Have a great week! 

Eldste Parkinson

P Day  ~ snowy, blustery day...just staying in today!