Monday, August 24, 2015

Moving Boxes

Hey Fam! 

It's going to be short this week. I think the majority of this week was spent building, destroying or moving furniture and boxes. After many years, the office has finally moved locations from Sandvika to Oslo. We moved into the Institute center, so I am already very familiar with the area :) Despite spending a lot of time in Oslo, we will continue with Sandvika as our prostelyting area and will just commute into the city in the mornings. Even though I knew this was coming for a long time, it was really weird, and kind of hard, for me when it finally happened. Change is hard because it is uncomfortable. I enjoy being comfortable, but I've come to appreciate being uncomfortable. That is how we learn, and I think this change will be a great opportunity to learn and improve. 

When we weren't moving the office, we were over at B's house building Ikea furniture. Ikea furniture is so simple to make. It makes me feel really handy even if I'm really not. B's story just keeps getting cooler and cooler. We found out this past week that he has a step son that is 18 and who lives with them!! We have gotten to know him well and he is way cool and super athletic. We took him to soccer on Saturday and he went absolute HAM. Apparently he played on a very elite team up in Harstad and he put on quite the show. 

B's wife is way awesome and commented to us about the skepticism she had towards the church before she met us, but mentioned how impressed she was (especially given that she has an 18 year old son) that we would give up two years to serve God at this point in our lives. After many, many visits of service we finally taught her for the first time this past Saturday and the whole fam came to church on Sunday! 

I'm grateful for the power of the Gospel and I know that as we serve, love and lift others they will recognize the truth and joy of our message. 

Have a great week alle sammen! 

Eldste Parkinson

Some pictures from the move

Some flip-flops we found at IKEA.  15 kroner!

I found a good home for some of those Kool-aid packets you sent :)
Apparently Kool-aid was really big in Liberia/Sierra Leone. 

Here's the fam (minus M.) at church! They surprised us with the awesome traditional outfits