Monday, July 27, 2015

Gator huntin'

This week flew by!

During these slow summer months, the mission has put a big emphasis on finding. In our district here in Sandvika, by some way or another, we coined the phrase "gator hunting" as the finding slogan. Leave it to 19 year old missionaries to come up with that. We were able to see some cool miracles, both on splits and in our own area.  We had this appointment at the library this past week with a random number that I found in the phone. We were waiting at the library and nobody came. Then out of nowhere he texted me and said he was right out front of the library. We went out to meet him, getting distracted on the way by one of our investigators who happened to also be at the library. Still couldn't find him and then he called and said that he was right behind a car! It was pouring rain and he motioned for us to get in. Long story short we ended up just teaching him in his car and got a return appointment this week. Teach anywhere, right!?

I was in Drammen working with Elder Rolfson and Elder Taylor and we had a blast! There were lots of appointments set up, but we still wanted to make a focus of finding some new gators. I told them I wouldn't go home until we found 2 (This may not have been fair since part of me wants to stay in Drammen :) ). We worked hard, had some way powerful experiences and found 3 gators by the time I left! One was a JW we taught banking, one was found on the street, and the other was J. (the lady we helped move long ago) who they had lost contact with. When you set goals and do all you can to achieve them miracles always seem to follow! 

Since I have been here in Sandvika there has been sport on Saturdays at 12 every single week. I've suggested basketball and American Football, but unfortunately majority rules so we've been playing soccer every week. I was pretty horrible in the beginning but am starting to figure it out a little bit. It has started to get more popular as well and is a great opportunity to involve investigators and less actives to an activity. 

Our awesome healthy eating investigator P. finished the Book of Mormon and this week we gave him "Jesus the Christ" in Norwegian. I don't think I have ever gotten so many deep doctrine questions in my life than I have gotten from him. He gets really passionate about small details and is shocked when we tell him that his concerns are not part of our fundamental doctrine. It's kind of like trying to build a house without any foundation; it doesn't work. Even if all the decorations and window blinds and stained glass windows are more fun, it's not what's important. It's funny because people tend to focus on the decorations, the deep doctrine that you can hear out of context and turn you away from the church. Nobody sees the foundation! The foundation is the atonement of Jesus Christ and first principles and ordinances of the Gospel. That's what I want to teach! That's what is in preach my gospel. Not sure if that analogy even made sense, but it's what came to my mind and how I feel sometimes! I remember before I left on my mission I was excited for all the knowledge I would obtain on my mission. I think I felt a little inadequate as far as deep understanding of the Gospel went and wanted to, in a kind of selfish way, use my studies and mission experience to be able to answer the deep questions of the gospel. I quickly realized, however, that I am called to teach the doctrines taught in Preach my Gospel. And if we are focusing our studies on those we teach there is really no need to get to worked up about explaining things such as how Jehovah is the God of the Old Testament. Despite me thinking I understood the basics before I left, the mission has allowed me to re-learn and really come to understand simple doctrines like prayer, repentance, and faith. 

Here comes week 6 of the transfer! Have a great week!

Eldste Parkinson

"Maybe your mom will send more peanut butter if she sees this sad picture!" (says Sister Hill)
"Maybe mom needs to send socks and shoes?" (says Mom)

Me and the Wan  :)