Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 2

It's been another crazy week. Time is starting to speed up here. Last week I said that the 6 Dutch elders in my zone had been reassigned in the states because their visas didn't come. Well, a couple days ago their visas all showed up and they went back to their original flight plans to the Netherlands. They left this morning, and we were up at about 4 to say goodbye and help them with their luggage. I'm going to miss them. With them leaving our zone is now 6 missionaries strong. Elder Pestridge moved into our room and I am now officially his companion. He's been here about 8 weeks and hopefully will be able to leave to Sweden on Monday. He is from England, a big time rugby player, and hilarious. 3 More Dutch speaking missionaries will join us Wednesday, one being Elder Fredrico's (who just left) cousin.

The Norwegian keeps coming along. My teachers are all awesome. I actually have three teachers now and they just rotate teaching me. They are all RM's from Norway, and Brother Smith and Brother Bartholomew actually served together a couple years back. It's been a little frustrating at times being the only one in the class because I have to respond to every question and do every activity by myself. But at the same time it has really pushed me to my limit and allowed for a lot of growth. 

Yesterday, Matthew Holland spoke to us for our Sunday Devotional about the life of Joseph Smith. Elder Holland was in attendance and he spoke briefly as well which was neat. The talks were really powerful and definitely hit home for me. There honestly isn't anywhere I'd rather be right now than here at the MTC. While I'm anxious to get to Norway, I know my time here will help me to be a more successful and dilligent missionary.

I've started reading from the Book of Mormon in Norwegian each night which has helped a lot. I also got the Missionary Purpose and the First Vision memorized in Norwegian. I feel like my Norwegian ability has already almost caught up to my French after just a week and a half haha. 

I appreciate the letters! Happy Birthday Grandpa! Ha det bra!

Eldste Parkinson
My New Companion! He is an English man. "best kid in the world"- Elder Pestridge

Elder Childs! He just left for the Netherlands!

All the Elders!

here is where I learn.